It’s not uncommon for investments in biomedical and health research to be wasted due to poor study design, failures in collecting the right clinical and economic data, and the inability to get people to translate those results into decision making and patient care. As a result, research studies can become clinically and financially ineffective.

The HUB’s unique model of integrated research services ensures that research is considered more strategically, resulting in better science, better data and better outcomes. Bringing together expertise in clinical trials, observational epidemiology (including patient registries), health economics, qualitative research, data management, systematic reviews and knowledge translation results in:

  • High quality evidence based on scientifically rigorous study design
  • An economic value proposition that is clearly and effectively communicated to stakeholders
  • Informed decision making by stakeholders using best available evidence
  • Effective implementation of research at the bedside

Through our combined services model we have brought together these seemingly unrelated groups in health research, making the HUB one of the only research organizations to offer these comprehensive services together – a true one-stop-shop for health research.  As an academic research organization, we are committed to providing our partners with efficient and innovative strategies for clinical research that inform patient care and policy decisions.