The U of T Department of Medicine, in partnership with the HUB Health Research Solutions, invite you to attend a clinical research skills session.

Facilitators: Dr. Muhammad Mamdani, PharmD, MA, MPH; Kevin Thorpe, MMath

Date: September 23, 2015, 1pm – 2:30pm

Registration: Please register online to attend this session. Attendance is limited to 50 participants.

Location: CB 114, Best Institute, University of Toronto, 112 College St, Toronto

Description: Undertaking clinical research can be a daunting process. Two fundamental elements in the early phases of clinical research are: 1) coming up with a good clinical research question and 2) choosing a research study design to best answer this question. This session will focus on key considerations when identifying and developing a good clinical research question and will provide an overview of the strengths and limitations major research designs in clinical research. The clinical research question should not only be relevant to the clinical community but also attractive to relevant funding bodies. The attendee will gain a deeper understanding of what makes a good clinical research question and how best to choose an optimal study design.

This session is open to faculty members from U of T, considering submitting grant applications for clinical research studies, leading (or considering) multi-centre clinical research, and/or participating in clinical research as well as:

– researchers

– research coordinators

– physicians

– and, clinicians

working in research hospitals affiliated with U of T.


Contact: Amanda Francis