Brokered Dialogue

The Ontario Citizen's Council: A qualitative film-based evaluation using Brokered Dialogue

The Ontario Citizen’s Council (OCC) was established to provide public input on strategic priorities and specific funding issues to the Ontario Public Drug Programs. We were engaged to evaluate this new public engagement initiative over its first two years, using a new film-based research method we have developed called Brokered Dialogue. Brokered Dialogue is both a method for studying complex social phenomena and a vehicle for structuring deliberations among stakeholders, making it well-suited for evaluating processes of deliberative democracy and public engagement such as the OCC.

Brokered Dialogue is a new film-based qualitative research method designed to foster dialogue on controversial health and social issues, particularly in circumstances in which dialogue is either absent or highly contested.

The Drug Branch of the Ministry of Health of Ontario has approached the AHRC for an evaluation of the first year of the Ontario Citizen’s Council.

The aim of Brokered Dialogue is to initiate respectful dialogue among the key stakeholders and to explore opportunities for how the resulting Brokered Dialogue film(s) may be used to catalyze further respectful conversations on the given topic out in the broader community.